POWER Session

POWER Session


POWER Sessions, a 1-on-1 session that is laser-focused on you, your creative idea and the strategy it takes to execute. The difference is that this new service allows me more time to dive deeper into who you are and the ability to give you an actionable, step-by-step plan. Most of us have Vision yet no Plan.


You will leave this session with:


 1) An in-depth Brand Audit, which is a detailed analysis of your brand in its current state. By determining which qualities of your brand are currently effective and which ones are not, you can restructure your brand identity and messaging goals to produce better results.


2)  A POWER Plan (a legit road map on what you need to do next - No guessing). I'll send you my written assessment so you can keep for your records and look back at any time. The goal is for you to leave this session having grown two inches... Packed with motivation and practical, actionable steps for you to follow.

Your session can be by phone or in person in Los Angeles.


Time Slot Disclaimer: Time slots are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please coordinate your appointment time based on your respective time zone.


1. Click the BOOK A SESSION button and pay for the session.

2. You’ll complete the Consultation Questionnaire upon Checkout. You’re welcome to write me about where you’re at, where you’ve been and where you’re going and I’ll read it before we talk.

3. We both get an email confirmation of the payment.

4. Once all of the details are confirmed for our session, we’ll be all set to have a focused, creative, strategic and powerful conversation about your brand.

5. At the end we can talk about how we might work together in the future if we both think there’s value.

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