Four service packages

We help small brands in four key areas that can be used as standalone packages or in combination:



Creativity is bolstered by the effective use of cool, developing unique ideas and finding innovative ways to resonate with your audience.

In todays society, we are visual consumers and content is king. Through content, we make a stories come to life and ensure your message stands out as both relevant and memorable. Get to the root and essence of your story and curate the messaging you want to represent. Our goal is to best communicate that message plainly and simply.


This package is great for smaller brands who are just getting started or are in need of help getting a clear vision about their business model, design or marketing plan.

Brand essence is the heart and soul of a brand – a brand's fundamental nature or quality. Your brand identity is how you want your brand to be perceived by world. In today’s social media driven society, perception is reality. That means your perceived value is extremely important. With this package, we prioritize exuding that authentically. 


This package is aimed at brands who need detailed help to create smart marketing plans to increase reach and revenue. It’s for those who need to refresh their existing plan, or add social media marketing to what they’re currently doing.

We communicate your brand story in an authentic way, creating an honest conversation between your brands and your audience. The more defined your target demographic is, the better we can effectively enforce your relationship with customers, members or audience. Our signature strategy results in increased engagement, razor sharp understanding of analytics and a clearly stated value proposition.



This package is aimed at existing small brands and self-employed business owners

Creative marketing and strategic marketing go hand-in-hand. They both require creativity, development, logistical considerations and the crafting of superlative advertising strategies to ensure excellent results. Focusing on the underlying purpose of your marketing expenditures, Victor Group’s creative marketing and strategic marketing services deliver innovative programs from start to finish, and everywhere in-between. Need help with a campaign that’s already running? VG can step in at any phase of the process to get your campaign back on track.