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Victor Group Creative was tasked with designing The Social Club Grooming Co’s signature Shop Talk event for the 2019 Super Bowl.

In an effort to bring together current and former NFL players in an inviting space, The Victor Group designed a barber shop activation to facilitate a panel for the Social Club Grooming Co. while encouraging meaning dialogue on various topics. The Social Club Grooming Co. partnered with the NFL Players’ Engagement Group to foster a conversation on what it’s like to be a NFL player on and off the field. Panelists shared their thoughts and opinions on the selected topics while prioritizing self care by receiving hair cuts from the Social Club Grooming Co.’s barbers.

How We Did It

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 3.01.24 PM.png

Our primary color palette consisted of black, charcoal, dark, warm wood tones, and whites (inspired by The Social Grooming Company’s masculine aesthetic). The charcoal walls provided depth and created a contrasting background for the warmer wood tones used in the shelving units.

We teamed up with Host and Toast to build out the stage and panels. It was hosted at the Hyatt Regency during Super Bowl Weekend.

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Eric Espino Photography

Eric Espino Photography

Eric Espino Photography

Eric Espino Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Eric Espino Photography

Eric Espino Photography

The Super Bowl is such a large event that draws thousands of people to the area. Every event that's attached to it receives so much press and support. Our team really wanted to maintain a sense of intimacy amidst the crowd.

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography

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Shop Talk Press

MS Awareness Advocate

#WeAreILLmatic is a campaign that unites Women of Color who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and want to redefine what sick looks like. So much of the MS community are ashamed of our illnesses and we have no need to live in shame. We may be ill but we are still dope. Why the name?  Illmatic is an iconic debut album by legendary rapper Nas. We want to leave a mark on culture like Nas did with Illmatic. We want to encourage people to fight our battles with illnesses like Nas did with Ether.  The idea of #WeAreILLmatic, this badassness doesn’t exist without Nas - And yes, we got his permission to borrow the name for this campaign. Reese now serves as ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society where she is an influencer, activist and mentor within the MS community. 

#WeAreIllmatic Tribe

Where our tribe (600+ Members) is located:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, China, Germany, Spain ,Jordan

#WeAreIllmatic Visuals

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#WeAreIllmatic Press

Received National press/recognition in publications such as the

  • Washington Post

  • Momentum Magazine

  • VIBE


  • Girlboss

  • Host of other medical publications

The campaign even snagged a Nas cosign!

Moment Magazine Feature

Join #WeAreIllmatic


We've set a goal of raising $10,000 on behalf of this very powerful awareness campaign. All donations are tax deductible. Donate to our GoFundMe to help us reach this goal.

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Are you living with MS? Share your #WeAreIllMatic story here.

#WeAreIllmatic Sponsors


A Powerful Network

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 9.00.28 PM.png

What happens when you bring together a group of diverse women with various careers during happy hour? The formation of a powerful network.

The Victor Group teamed up with Verizon to host an intimate, curated dinner party for affluent businesswomen in search of a new way to network.

A safe space where you actually get to chime in on the conversation.

A space to discuss self care strategies for busy women.

An environment where you meet other women with shared experiences.

A group of motivated, impactful women entrepreneurs eager to propel forward. This is it.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 7.46.18 PM.png



Victor Group Creative has helped athletes and brands activate and execute 20+ youth sports camps across the country to effectively deliver brand messaging to thousands of parents, kids, and coaches via on-site activations. Throughout the one-day camp, athletes and coaches will offer tips and hands-on instruction, including lectures, fundamental basketball skills stations, contests, and games in a high-energy, fun, and positive environment. Campers will be placed in small groups by age to ensure that each child gets maximum instruction. The comprehensive camp experience is great for athletes of all skill levels, whether they are new to the game or have been playing for years. Individual and team awards will be given in each age group.

Victor Group Creative facilitates the creation of concept to execution of their youth basketball camps. We facilitate the securing of event insurance, booking of venues, registration website creation and all promotional materials. Once the foundation was secure, our clients promoted their camps through their own social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. The response was instantaneous and we have hundreds of campers sign up annually!

Camp Clients:

  • Dewayne Dedmon

  • Quincy Acy

  • Cory Jefferson

  • Ekpe Udoh

  • Kay Felder

Dewayne Dedmon Camp


Cory Jefferson Camp


Ekpe Udoh Camp



Every year I choose a theme: a word. It defines my year and serves as a constant reminder of what direction I want my year to go in. For 2018, I selected COZY. Shortly after, my followers flooded me with their cozy sightings. I shared my word with my Instagram followers and made it known every time I saw it. If I felt cozy, my followers would also. Cozy became more than a word, it’s became a lifestyle.

So Why Cozy?

Why not cozy? In 2018, I wanted to create a more relaxed life that really affords me the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I work hard, and I’m great at what I do. (Need more proof? Here’s a recap from my Lexus or other company -insert hyperlink- event.) But, I sought comfort.

So often, society tells us that we need to have the latest Louis bag and the newest BMW in order to live well. I recognized I didn't need to have everything to have a life well lived. I just needed my basic needs met. I need to be COZY.

COZY, By the Numbers

In the process of sharing my word of the year, I empowered others to do that same. I developed a campaign. Now, when people say me they bring up cozy".

Over 200 Submissions of user generated content

Top 10 #COZY posts

Still Sitting Cozy