{WEBINAR} How to Pitch to Brands

How to Pitch to Brands And Win: Rise of the Rookie Influencer

Find out Exactly What Brands are Looking for and why Followers Don’t Always Matter

Have you ever dreamt of working with your favorite brand but felt defeated and insecure because you couldn’t compete with the thousands of social media influencers? I have.

This course is designed to help you pinpoint your value and what brands are truly looking for in you. 

There are a ton of courses that teach us how to pitch to brands and get paid, however, most instructors that teach those courses have a ga-zillion followers! Its easy to see why brands want to work with them when they already have an insanely large audience. Most that teach these courses cover how THEY work with brands but don't offer many tips for those that have a smaller following or even just starting out. But what if I told you that Brands are interested in working with people that have value over followers?

In this course you will learn…

Quality over Quantity - Influence and engagement are more important than your follower count

What Brands Are Really Looking For - I’ll give factors, in order of importance, which companies consider when evaluating who they work with

Discovering Brands that Align with Yours - Whats your relevancy to the company?

What You’ll Need to be Pitch Ready I’ll give you access to materials I’ve used to pitch to brands and show you what details/info to include

Ways to Contact Brands - Brands are more responsive than you may think

What to Say to brands - I’ll give you email templates so you’ll know EXACTLY what to say in your pitch! You’ll need a clear selling point and vision

You’ll leave with...

  • Confidence in knowing your value and Unique Selling Proposition
  • Ammunition to reach out to brands with a solid vision of what you want
  • Ideas to build your portfolio, so that you’re ready to pitch!

Next webinar takes place Saturday, June 10th @ 11a PST/2p EST


Victoria Reese