Wine Down w/ @WINC

I've been keeping it very real about the less than glamorous moments of building a brand. And truth is, I've learned to chill out and "unwine" a bit with @WINC. If you enjoy a glass or two throughout your busy week, enjoy their exclusive wines delivered directly to your door. Oh, and using my code VICTOR you'll receive $22 OFF your first order! That means you get 4 bottles of wine for $30.

Wondering how a wine subscription at @winc works? Step 1: Answer 6 questions to help assess your unique tastes. Step 2: @winc sends you wines specifically chosen to match your palate. Step 3:  Rate your wines to get better recommendations. GET STARTED


Today's blend of choice: Chommie, which is slang for 'friend' in the South Africa, is where this Cabernet Sauvignon is produced. Long story short, this bottle is a good friend to have by your side when the grind feels like the enemy. Honestly, truly.