I Have a Business Idea, Now What to Do?

If that caption caught your attention, know that you’re not alone. Its the number one “problem” that I find myself helping people find a “solution” for. Where do I get the know-how to take my business and just GO? Most people want somewhat of “next step” guide because no one seems to know how to get started. The answer is: You need to change your way of thinking to how a business man/woman would be thinking. With every decision, ask yourself “Will this help or hurt my brand? Does that align with my goals? How will that work (logistically)? Is it profitable?” When you launch your brand, you’ve got to be able to quickly assess whether something will work or not, and make game-time decisions. So if you feel like you’ve identified what your brand is, how its a solution to a problem… Then you’re ready to get to the GO stage. This what I refer to as the “Building” phase and I’ve got a perfect remedy for this phase offered in one of my Brand Coaching Packages

The Building Package is perfect for people or brands who are just getting started, or are in need of help getting a push to actually START! It includes defining a clear business model, brainstorming products or services, naming, marketing strategies and positioning, and discussing goals and objectives regarding new marketing initiatives, ideas and strategies. Along with some recommendations on what to do next for your business. Includes phone/FaceTime sessions over a 60 day period, email support and document review. Here’s what you need to do:

  • You need a brand name that has longevity
  • A logo thats simple, clean and long lasting
  • A website where people can find out more about you
  • A social media profile
  • An go-to-market plan
  • A business structure

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. Patience is a major key to this entire process. You can lots of talents and interests but if you have no idea how to package them you will never be able to convince people to but or hire you for those very things. Presentation is key and perception actually is reality. Building your brand with no money? No problem. Comment below if you have additional questions! 

Victoria Reese