Victor Group for #LexusDrives

I believe that truly great work, whether it’s art, brand architecture or engineering, cannot be hurried. Especially, when its work that affects people’s lives. Since brand building (what I do) is so vital to people and purpose in live, I am everyday to provide a luxury experience. And when it comes luxury, every step must be carefully considered. Both Lexus and Victor Group apply this level of attention to everything we do. That’s why I collaborated with @lexususa for the #LexusDrives campaign – We’re both in pursuit of perfection.

Lexus hooked me up with a 2017 RC F and I freaking loved it!! It was first time reviewing a sports coupe and the engine on this vehicle was LOVELY!! Super sexy and the red leather interior has me hooked.

Developed to satisfy the most demanding driving enthusiasts, this is the RC F.

In my pursuit, I realized that “perfect” is not a real destination. There will never be enough time, money or help. The answers will never come easy or quickly. You’ll aspire to be on trend and once you get there, theres a new trend in place. And the people who seem to have the perfect business or the perfect set up most likely doesn’t have it figure out either. I realized that “perfect” is redefined every single day and that every great idea plants a seed for an even greater one. #LexusDrives #victorgroup