How to Do It ALL (Making the Most of Your Time)

How to Do It ALL (Making the Most of Your Time)


This has to be the number one question I get asked, “How are you doing it all?” and the answer… IDK. Just kidding...  It’s half true though. I don’t know how I have the energy and discipline to get everything most times. But I find a way or it finds me, rather. I believe that it’s sincere and deep passion for success that keeps me going. I am tired by nature. That’s fact. But I still find energy for what I love and that's running my business. I love always having stuff to do, even though I complain about it often. Its this love hate relationship that I have with my life. I’m in love with it but I also wouldn’t trade it for the world. I prayed for this life, no matter how challenging it can be at times. So how to get everything done? More specifically, how do I do it all? I make it priority.


Things that are important to me, my work, my family, my love.. I make time for. Me and my calendar are best friends. I map out my day in blocks so I’m sure to make time for things that need to get done.


It’s mad weird but now that I work for myself, I’m more observant of my time spent. Like, I can really see how long I’ve been actually work versus bullshitting. I make the most of each moment by multitasking. Caution: Multitasking can also be the devil. Have you ever been one of those people that have two millions tabs open at one time?? I am SO that person. Matter of fact, I currently have 11 tabs open as I type this LOL Its ridiculous. Sometimes, its necessary though if I can transferring into from one place to another or whatever. But most times, its completely unnecessary and counterproductive. When I finally notice what I’m doing, immediatly copy/paste the links and add them to a blank page in my Notes app on my laptop. Just so that if its truly important to me, I can always go back to it. God forbid I exit out of it, need it later and can’t find it. I’ll be pissed.


So anyway, back to time and multitasking. Yes, it can be a bad thing not to completely focus 100% of your attention to one thing. But on the contrary, it all depends on HOW you multitask.


Once I wake up, I clean as I go. I wash my face, brush teeth and shower, but I clean as I go through each task. That way, I don’t necessarily have to go back later that day to clean up after myself. I def save myself time on the backend. I then go make my coffee and while it's brewing I’m most likely washing dishes or cleaning the kitchen from the night before. That’s only if its not already clean. I don’t play after dinner! While cooking, I still clean as I go and most likely clean the kitchen before bed. That’s just how I roll. I digress. But you see? My coffee is brewing and I’m cleaning or cooking a quick breakfast simultaneously. Multitasking!! Also, since I live on the West coast and I’m 3 hours behind everyone on the East coast, I try to make calls as early as possible. I typically walk my dog before getting deep into work and I’ll make calls during the walk.


Onto my actual work day…


If I’m really on my ish, I will start my day with a reviewing my To Do lists on a project management tool that I love called Trello. Trello allows you to create different Boards and each board lets you create different lists within that board. Get it? It's like different buckets or aspects of everything you’ll need to do for each project. That's genius! Because the way my mind is set up… I have a million lists that I’m creating every second of the day. So Trello helps you organize those things. Starting my day by doing a mind dump is amazing! I notice that the fact that I clearly and efficiently mapped out all the things I need to do, that my work day was extremely productive. I breezed through tasks because I didn’t need to stop and think of what to do next. Key rule when making lists is that you have to get granular with it. You can’t just say “Work on Project X” and think you’ll complete the 27 tasks involved in working on that project. You legit have to list all 27 components so you can get each done, one by one. (This is how I manage finances too! No way you can accurately count your spendings if you’re calculating in your head. Nah, you got to get an Excel spreadsheet and get specific .ie granular.)


Need to fit in a work out? I got the answers. Here’s what I do: I literally run my errands. Grocery store near you? Run or jog to it. Post office or drug store in your area? Walk to it and carry a tote bag. You’ve just killed several birds with one stone. I do it all the time. I don’t have a gym membership, so this is how I fit a workout in while still being productive. Another way to multitask during your work day is to listen to inspirational or business podcasts while working. I’m sowing into myself, learning and getting work done all at once.


Now on to how I close out my work day...


I try to wrap up my work day in way that I feel I’m prepared to jump right into it come the following morning. I’ve sent all the emails I can send, replied to all the easy emails and I’ve checked off what I accomplished that day. Now I can have a clear view on what my work day will look like tomorrow. I’m also thinking about dinner and whatever I need to do to prep for that. Sidenote: I’m sooooo guilty of jumping into the work day without thinking about dinner. I should totally take out food from the freezer first thing in the morning, so it can unthaw during my work day. But I forget this ALL the time SMH. But when I don’t forget…. But when I get it right though… It’s so helpful and saves so much time.


I aim to multitask during this “work day wrap up” time frame too. But be careful and make sure you can manage doing a few of these things at a time. For instance, I don’t advise cooking a stove top dinner while writing a blog post. But baking a chicken or a roast in the crock pot is lit. Or washing a billion loads of clothes while updating your website? Its list. Just remember to set timers for each load, so you can actually be effective. Don’t have your loads sitting in the washer for 4 hours because you forgot about them (hella guilty of this myself!). So yea, I multitask in ways like this.


What else can I think of?


Okay, so when I need to upload a Youtube video and know it will take forever… I upload before bed. That way, it can upload while I sleep and I’m not in need of fast wifi. By morning, I can have several videos uploaded and ready to publish. Yessss! I hope you found my routine valuable. What are some things you do to multitask? Please share, I’d love to hear!


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