Why Winners are Announced at the End

Photo Credit: Derrel Todd

When I say, “overnight success” and “fifteen minutes of fame” what do you think of? Are you thinking of big corporations that started out in garages or are you thinking of reality TV shows? Let us be honest, we live in a screwed up society. Definitions of success and limits are measured when it comes to how far people will go for what they deem as “fame”. Instant gratification runs rampant in our society leading to more people craving overnight success and 15 minutes of fame based on a few lucky scenarios. This leads to more ungrateful and self serving as we can see in each generation.

I’m going to be VERY honest. For example, I speak to a lot of women who are fed up with the glorification of certain stereotypes of acceptable womanly behavior. Let me break this down for you: Women are taught to be ladies (classy, sophisticated, conservative, etc) and to seek marriage and motherhood. This is one of the most common and unfair double standards we still face today.  If you’re a woman and you are making life decisions based off of the visions that society fed you, you’re pretty much expecting a happy home with a husband, kids and a white picket fence in the yard. Most of us were taught that in order to get the husband and children you needed to act accordingly. Now what society is showing us is that you can be just about anyone and get the man and kids. Something has switched to where women who are getting degrees and owning homes aren’t getting the fairy tale like those who had dreams they didn’t follow. Those of us playing by the old rules are confused. It really seems like we were set up and that we worked hard for nothing. I have these conversations with women about this daily.  So what's going on?

Pop culture likes to tell us it’s easy to be famous and is then transforming our society and its actions. Simply act like a fool on TV and bring a bunch of drama into your workplace. That will get you the attention and praise you deserve. Pop culture is starting to become real life for a lot of people in today's society! Songs, social media and reality TV are the new forms of News these days. People think it's real and are transforming societies standards. Then you have real life. Reality is this, very rarely do you actually become an overnight success. Very rarely does someone become a success. Success is earned by those who know how to stick it out. If we’re successful then we feel we have won. But you need to play the game to get the fame. Winner’s are always announced at the end of a game and here’s why:

1) God’s Plan.

You don’t know where that person stands with God, and honestly, it's not your concern. His plan is bigger than our own. Perhaps we need to just accept that maybe what we want so badly, is not the path He wants for us. Even more so, we need to know that, that's okay! We have to live with and accept the cards we were dealt. We need to have faith that God knew what He was doing when He wrote our story and have confidence that only He knows what's best for us.

2) Your skills pay YOUR bills.

Often times we compare our journeys to other people. We all do it and it’s not fair for us to do that to ourselves. We look at other people and try to pick apart what they are doing that we aren’t. Wondering how they got that far yet we are still in our current spot. Obsessing over what they have that we don’t. But we can’t do that! We are all in our own lane. If you’re so busy watching what other people are doing, there’s no way you have time to focus on what's most important - You. Most successful people worked hard for more years with no credit, than they did with credit. Praise comes after the years of hard work. Comparison is the thief of joy and will keep you running in circles instead of finishing the race.

3) Performance then Trophy!

Keep in mind that the winners have not yet been announced… hold tight. It's not the end yet. Life is one big performance and if you think about it, people don’t become legendary until their time has already passed. Like any competitive sport or activity, the winners are announced at the very end. It’s easy to try to predict who will take home the trophy or which moves contestants will make, but we won’t officially know the winner until all the ballots have been counted. Be patient and work hard. Don’t work hard until you get credit, work hard as if credit didn’t matter. The person or people who you think are winning right now could very well crash and burn tomorrow. We never know.

Stay calm and remain seated until the end of the performance. The winners will be announced at the end and it could very well be YOU.


Victoria Reese