Becoming An Authority in Your Industry

When you think of an authority, you think of a leader or someone that lots of people have respect for. Somewhat of a trusted source. Becoming an authority within a particular industry is the #1 goal in branding. You must become that trusted source for your target audience. That means if you are a chef, you must teach people things that only chefs know and show us that you eat, sleep and breathe cooking/food. If you own a nail salon, make it clear that you know the in’s and out’s of every nail polish brand and latest design trends. It’s simple - KNOW your industry.



There may already be people at authority within your industry but don’t fret - There is room for more than one authority. In today’s society, everyone claims to be an “authority” but everyone is NOT an authority. In today’s society, you’re success is constantly measured by how many followers you may have or if your social media profile is verified. What I mean is, people may buy followers so that they appear to have clout and consumers may feel that they are authorities when they are not. They may have leverage but do not be fooled - authenticity beats reach any day! You can have a huge audience but if you are not talking about anything or what you are saying is not real, not of it matters. These people who claim to be experts will be tested soon. A potential client may reach out to them for their expertise and they will fail. You must show that you KNOW your respective industry. Study it by reading books, attend conferences within your industry, connect with others who offer the same services, etc.



A firm way to become an authority is to showcase your credibility. That means you need to show your knowledge of the industry and teach people. I have clients that get frustrated about sharing what they know for free but you must crawl before you walk! Also, if you are good at what you do the clientele will come and that little bit of knowledge you shared on your blog or social media will be nothing compared to the wealth of knowledge you have up your sleeve. At the end of the day, people need to feel like you know more than them and can teach them things they’ve never thought of. If not, they wouldn’t need you right? Show your value!



Build real relationships and trust with your audience by giving useful tips. Answer questions and be responsive if someone reaches out. Show them who you are! Your brand reputation speaks for you way before you can speak for yourself. Don’t be the person who is hard to get in contact with or never responds to emails - You’re not Diddy! Humble yourself. Under promise and over deliver.


Last but not least, build a brand based on your goals. It makes no sense to go off course of what goals you want to achieve. You’re brand should align with your goals. That way you are being your authentic self and can run a business that is true to who you are and what you stand for.

Victoria Reese