Get Paid to Be YOU

That may sound shocking to you but it’s VERY possible. In fact, it’s my dream. I want to get paid to be myself. Why not? People do it everyday and are extremely successful at it. Let me explain what I mean.


By no means does this mean that you wouldn’t work and you’d just get paid to doing nothing. It means getting paid to do exactly what you love! Doing what you love should come so natural to you that it’s who you are – thus, finding a way to make if profitable is a win-win situation. This should set off a spark for entrepreneurs out there. Do what you love is FULFILLING!


For me, doing what I love is sculpting brands that are just starting out and need definition. I also love finding the perfect opportunities for talent and creating partnerships/endorsements that are the right fit. I LOVE TO CREATE AND HELP PEOPLE! Again, these things come natural to me and it’s not a headache. It’s actually fun for me! People seek me out for my opinion on all things branding, so I’m not crazy for thinking that I’m a little bit good at it. Whatever that thing is for you, hold onto it.


Sure, there may be a few jobs out there that fit the description of what my interests are but I’d be working for a company helping THEIR clients and not choosing my own. Furthermore, I’d be making THEM money and that’s no fun at all. I’ve spent years searching for the perfect job and I’ve landed damn near every one that was close to perfect – All at top agencies might I add. None gave me the feeling that I was chasing. I realized that I had to create this job for myself and own my own business.


I really don’t want to start preaching to you all but I think I may have to in order to get my point across. I’m not sure that yall feel me. Yes, I believe you understand what I mean by getting paid to be yourself. What I need you to truly understand is WHAT IT TAKES. This ain’t for everybody! It’s not easy and it’s not always beautiful. It takes a certain type of person to find the gratification in the struggle.


Here are 3 steps toward getting paid to be yourself:


1)    Write down your primary interests and ways you make it profitable

2)    Identify your target audience and the type of people you want sell to/work with

3)    Hire a brand consultant to guide you in ideation and to package your business

Victoria Reese