A friend of mine used to say this all the time: If you STAY ready you ain’t got to GET ready. I was wowed! It’s so true and real, and applied to everyday life. It means that if you stay prepared for what you are praying for/asking for… when those opportunities (blessings) arrive you are more than ready to receive them. So often do we ask for things and we haven’t begun to be prepared for their arrival. We want more sales or more customers – Are we ready to accommodate more clients (time wise or resources)? Are you over delivering for your CURRENT clients? Are all your client documents ready/branded with your logo, etc? If not, slow down. Preparation is key!


My (fairy) Uncle Timmy told me once Opportunity is for the prepared mind. When you are prepared you leave more room for tapping into your full potential and mastering your craft. Only a few people reach that potential and I believe that preparation is the determining factor – Will you be one of them?


I try to encourage my clients to not solely depend on me to hold them accountable. I know, I know - Sounds crazy since their dependency on me is technically the service that I offer. But I am the owner of a SERVICE brand because I was called to serve - I like to help people. I’m not in this business to cheat people or only take their money. If I am not teaching you HOW to manage your own brand then I am not doing my job. I screen each client beforehand to make sure they are open and ready to LEARN. Not just to pay someone to manage their brand forever. You must own your brand and self yourself up to stand alone. You may not always have the budget to hire someone to maintain your website or file taxes for your company. You’ve got to anticipate obstacles in order to succeed and persevere beyond them. Lots of people say that they don’t have a Plan B because Plan A is the only option. Ta-haaaa! Let me know how that works out for you. Life is fulls roadblocks, disappointments and alternate routes. Stay ready though!


How does this apply to you? Perhaps you are a blogger who posts once a week - Tip: Write 2-3 posts in advance so that you have breaks in between writing. That way, you already have posts ready and waiting to be posted. You can focus on other things in the mean time. Imagine the relief you’ll feel knowing that you have a few posts already in the bank! Social media? Tip: Create a simple Social Media Calendar for yourself. Spread out your content and pace things. Don’t over share the SAME content. Switch things up! Let’s say you have a meeting with a potential business partner or client. Do some research on them before the meeting - Google is out friend! Review their website and social media accounts to get a feel on who they are and what they do. Once its time for your meeting, you should have questions, ideas and next steps prepared. Also, I tell my clients: Never leave a meeting without another meeting in the books! If you are serious about making moves, then you’ll need a follow up meeting to not only hold yourself accountable but to keep things moving!



If you feel you’re ready to take a leap of faith and step into entrepreneurship, you’ll need our eBook Brand Toolkit: Start Building Your Brand today! Let me know if you have any tips on preparation. Comment below!



Victoria Reese