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Creative Director // Brand Consultant


Victor Group is a boutique brand and creative consultancy that connects brands with their audience, authentically. Victoria Marie Reese is the brain behind it.
It’s simple - We help major brands enforce their connection to their audience. We make stories come to life in a relevant and memorable way. 


Brands partner with us to curate an authentic experience for our shared audience. We incorporate our keen attention to detail and unique, yet relatable strategies to provide our audience with a face-to-face conversation directly with your brand. Our intention is to provide perspective that will make one grow two inches each and every time they work with us.



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Victoria Marie Reese

“I’m just like every little girl that has to pave [her] own way and create [her] own reality.” These words embody Victoria Reese, the self-proclaimed Brand Architect who has been laying the pavement for her success ever since she can remember.

Brick by brick, the Howard University alumna has been building Victor Group, a branding agency that has enabled her to aid giants like Nike, Unilever, and Paul Mitchell in building theirs as well.

No stranger to success, her resume includes some of the top names in the industry. Prior to risking it all to found Victor Group, she’s worked in advertising for Universal McCann, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, LLC, Walton Isaacson, and MediaVest.

None of this compares to what she’s done at Victor Group, though. Before her self-started company turned two, she had already reached her goal of being featured in the coveted Black Enterprise Magazine. Add to that, she’s worked for NBA players, she’s provided her services to Toyota, to Wing Stop, and to Bevel, and she still finds time to inspire youth and other women to find their passions.

These are the experiences that allow her to craft a company as unique as the services she provides to her clients. “I get hand selected by people who trust me to cultivate their ideas and turn them into reality,” she says about her choice of the moniker “brand architect”.

It’s her keen eye for detail that makes her in demand. And her “go hard or go home” attitude that makes her a mascot for resilience. Whatever odds are stacked against her, she breaks them down to build her brand. A native of the Motor City, Detroit has been the launching pad for the grit, perseverance, and business savvy that this “girl boss” wears like a cape. Victoria serves as an Ambassador and Activist for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


"In a nutshell, Victoria is more than a Brand Architect, she’s a Brand Decoder… I contacted Victoria, and I told her EVERYTHING I was thinking. I didn’t leave any stone unturned. In fact, I was nervous she would say I was all over the place; but instead the opposite happened. Victoria decoded my thoughts and simply said, “you know what you want, we just need to solidify it.” First off, she said the magic word, “we.” It’s refreshing to know that she could take all my thoughts, and give me the answers I was looking for. Personally I feel like she embodies what I’m trying to do, but overall she really is a BRAND ARCHITECT, and she helps you BUILD the FOUNDATION you need to start and grow."

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